A Squash by Any Other Name…is Pumpkin

In the Great “Pumpkin” Pie Experiment of 2015 I explore the various squash available in the market and see which are suitable for pumpkin pie!

Oh yeah, and eat pie.

Lots of pie. Continue reading A Squash by Any Other Name…is Pumpkin

Pumpkin Butter “Cinnamon” Rolls

This idea has floated around in my head since we’ve gotten our pumpkin butter at the market. It all begin with some Jelly Rolls this summer, and I’ve been fascinated with the concept of replacing the goey cinnamon sugar filling of typical cinnamon rolls with new and exciting flavors ever since. Some may call it trickery. I promise you, this is quite a delightful surprise. … Continue reading Pumpkin Butter “Cinnamon” Rolls